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Jun 10, 2021by Kate Hickey

We get lots of questions asking to see our different birthstone offerings and colors. This week on the Journal, we are walking you through each of the twelve birthstones and explaining their colors, qualities and characteristics. 


Originally, birthstones were related to the twelve colored gemstones that appeared on the High Priest’s breastplate from the Book of Exodus. The gemstones themselves were never identified, but their color was, and this is where we get the centuries-old tradition of birthstones. 


The wearing of birthstones is thought to bring good luck, good health, and protection. We love to see how you wear your love story by incorporating birthstones as push presents, birthday gifts, and anniversary celebrations. 


We have lots of birthstone options from our Birthstone Stackers to our Birthstone Sprinkle Studs and Double Birthstone Chain Earring. Shop all of our birthstone options. There are endless ways to incorporate birthstones into your heirloom jewelry design. Add a pop of color to your stack and experience the age-old tradition of gemstones and their healing properties. And remember - birthstones are natural gemstones and can vary in color slightly!


January February and March Birthstones

January - Garnet

Garnet is said to keep travelers safe during their adventures, and we love the deep red color of this stone. Garnet is also said to inspire love, and we are obviously here for that too. Wear garnet if you are looking for passion or balance.


February - Amethyst

Historically reserved for royalty, amethyst is said to bring good luck. The deep purples are often formed by cooled lava and a story of transformation is always a beautiful sentiment to wear close to your heart.


March - Aquamarine

Said to have curing qualities, aquamarine’s calming blues bring balance and tranquility to the wearer. Are your dreams filled with aquamarine bluish hues? This might mean that a new relationship is on your horizon. ;) 


April May and June Birthstones

April - Diamond

Diamonds are forever. This sentiment also originates from the symbolism of the diamond that is said to bring everlasting love. Diamonds are believed to repel negativity, and while they appear colorless, diamonds can actually have many subtle colors depending on their saturation. 


May - Emerald

Once dedicated to Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, the emerald is thought to bring wisdom and patience to the wearer. This deep and unique green is associated with all things harmonious and abundant. Wear this stone as a reminder that you are both of those things (and so much more).


June - Alexandrite

Uniquely green with hints of purple, blue, and teal depending on the light - alexandrite has been called the “Stone that changes color: Emerald by day and ruby by night.” Representing growth and passion, alexandrite is genuinely unique - just like you.


July August and September Birthstones

July - Ruby

Said to have protective qualities, we love a ruby for the bold dark pink statement that implies passion and power through her bold color. Not only a symbol of protection, but one of peace - a ruby holds powerful qualities and profound beauty.


August - Peridot

A light green color formed by meteorites or volcanic lava, peridot is a genuinely unique birthstone. Peridot is said to bring calming energies and renewal to all things. What a beautiful sentiment to wear or gift.


September - Sapphire

A symbol of peace, the brilliant blue September sapphire is the stone of new love and commitment. Worn by the British Crown and known for its durability, we love sapphires as alternative wedding bands and engagement rings. 


October November and December Birthstones

October - Pink Tourmaline

Emotional healing and self-love are just two properties of pretty-in-pink tourmaline. Famed for its strength, this stone embodies all that is a Libra: balance and playfulness. 


November - Citrine

From pale yellow to amber hues, citrine is a beautiful color that imparts joy and enthusiasm. Sunny yellow is also known to stimulate the brain and encourage self-expression. 


December - Tanzanite

This gorgeous blue-purple gemstone was named 'tanzanite' by Tiffany & Co. after Tanzania, where it was discovered. Tanzanite is said to have the power to transform negative thoughts and energies into positive ones and is worn by some to unite the mind and heart. 

As always, thank you for reading. What is your birthstone or what stone will you be adding to your jewelry collection? Follow us @considerthewldflwrs for all the ways to stack and wear birthstones and beyond.

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