A Toast To Our Team

Our ten-year anniversary may now be a solid month behind us, but we’re still fully basking in its glow. These past few weeks have been whirlwind of celebration for Consider the Wldflwrs, and as a small, local jeweler that’s grown from a one-woman show to a full-fledged jewelry business, we’re more thankful than ever to have so much to celebrate. 

Over the last five weeks, we’ve commemorated one whole decade in business as a small jewelry store here in Nashville; we’ve launched a sleek new brand identity complete with a new logo, new color palette, and new website design; we’ve moved in to our glorious new storefront in Edgehill Village, creating a stunning home base in which our entire can team to work and our clients can visit; and we’ve launched a gorgeous new line of jewelry that celebrates a decade of setting memories in gold – and those that we have yet to make. 


Inside Our New Edgehill Village Fine Jewelry Store In Nashville, TN

However, there is one thing that we haven’t yet celebrated. And it’s something so critical to our entire operation, none of these other milestones would have been possible without it: our CTWF team! 

CTWF wouldn’t be half the jewelry store or small business it is today were it not for the jewelers, production managers, bridal specialists, and stylists who dedicate their time and energy to making Consider the Wldflwrs Nashville’s lifetime local jeweler.

So, to close out our month-long celebration, we thought it only appropriate to dedicate a post to the incredible team that makes CTWF tick — and give them the recognition they so obviously deserve.


Take a closer look at our incredible team:


Bridal Specialists 

Like a concierge for your entire wedding ring process, our GIA-certified Bridal Specialists help brides (and grooms!) make their dream rings a reality. Whether you’re a hopeful bride wanting engagement ring intel for your boyfriend; a committed partner ready to pop the question to your significant other; or a group of friends trying to get your bearings on the whole engagement and wedding ring process, our Bridal Specialists are equipped to guide you.

We understand that an engagement ring in particular is a big investment, so our Bridal Specialists make sure to start each appointment by breaking down the entire process and divulging all the details. After taking some time to get to know each client’s jewelry taste, lifestyle and budget, they can then make recommendations regarding center stone, metal selection, settings and of course design. And since all of our bridal jewelry is made in house by our talented jewelers (more on them in a minute), our Bridal Specialists are not only well versed in all possible modifications for our signature bridal settings, but they’re also all GIA-certified, which means they’re aces at sourcing the best possible diamond or gemstone for each client’s specific circumstances. Ultimately, our Bridal Specialists help clients design a truly unique ring that will suit them and their love story forever and ever, and without their invaluable work, our entire business would be lacking.


Want to know your engagement ring style? Take our quiz!



The hardworking artisans who actually work with the precious metals, gemstones and other materials we use to create jewelry, we genuinely wouldn’t have a business if it weren’t for our jewelers. With a niche set of skills and keen knowledge in metalworking, stone setting, engraving, polishing, resizing, and more, our jewelers are our unseen heroes. They work closely with our Bridal Specialists to transform raw materials into finished, proposal-ready engagement rings, and collaborate with our Production Manager to ensure every piece we sell adheres to our high standards for craftsmanship, wearability, customization, and brilliance. As a local jewelry store that prioritizes exceptional customer experiences above all else, our jewelers understand our values and pay keen attention to detail in their work to ensure the best possible product that not only meets, but exceeds the client’s expectations.

Because they spend most of their time in our workshop, they don’t often get to actually receive the high praise that they deserve, so we want to make it known loud and clear right here: we’re so grateful for the talented jewelers we have on our team. Without them, we would be nothing!


Handmade Jewelry in Nashville TN


Production Team

Responsible for quality control on every single item that goes through our workshop, our Production Team plays a critical role in ensuring an exceptional customer experience when it quite possibly matters most: when the jewelry is finished and received by the client. Our Production Team is liaison between the sales team, their clients, and the jewelers, keeping everyone organized and on task, which makes every single one of them critical when guaranteeing promises can be fulfilled and deadlines can be met. 

The leader of this invaluable team, our Production Manager takes on the multiple roles of the production team, and then some. They track product inventory for both in-store and online sales, oversee quality control for every single piece, and manage the jewelers’ schedules to ensure the proper jobs are being prioritized and that rush-orders are being fulfilled in a timely manner. Although it may not be the most glamorous job at our small jewelry store, the role of Production Manager is one we couldn’t possibly do without. Our entire production team is absolutely crucial to the success of our entire operation!


Jewelry Stylists

Last, but certainly not least, Jewelry Stylists are likely the first person a client sees when they enter our Edgehill Village storefront. Serving as a host for every guest, Stylists are somewhat akin to a personal shopper, helping clients select and style new jewelry, be it a new stack to add to their wedding ring, an anniversary gift for their wife, or a gold chain necklace just because. Somewhat of a Renaissance man (or woman!) for fine-jewelry sales, each of our Stylists has a genuine passion for jewelry and fashion, allowing them to confidently help clients pick just the right piece. 

Stylists play a key role in making sure the store looks beautiful and that the jewelry our customers select enhances the natural beauty they each already exude. It’s a role that requires organization, creativity, an eye for style, and a passion for people. 


To say we’re thankful for our team would be an understatement. 


Words don’t do justice in expressing the gratitude we feel for the continued dedication that every member of our team, past and present, has shown to our small business — and we won’t soon forget it. 

Neither ten years, nor a new brand identity, nor our biggest store yet, nor an anniversary line would have been possible without our team’s various contributions. So, thank you, CTWF team! Thank you, thank you. 


Edgehill Village Consider the Wldflwrs Jeweler