2022 Wedding Planning Tips

Planning a wedding has historically been thought of as a pretty overwhelming event and with the global pandemic over the past few years, getting all of the details ironed out can seem harder than finding your perfect person. While it may seem impossible at times, with proper planning, you can feel confident in creating your dream day. Whether you are newly engaged (congrats!) or you are finally getting to plan your special day after postponements, we are here to share alllll of our best wedding planning tips!

Don’t Wait!

Listen, we don’t like to rush anyone, but as soon as you have your dream venue and vendors list, don’t hesitate to reach out for their availability. The wedding industry is still feeling the effects of the pandemic with a backlog of couples getting married and you will want to get your name on their books as soon as possible. 

Be True to Yourself

Wedding trends are going to come and go no matter what you do. So don’t focus too much on creating a perfectly timeless day. The only thing you can really do is hone in on what is really important to you right now — what you like, what traditions speak to you, your priorities, and even what you know you don’t want. When you look back on the day, you will want to remember a day that felt true to you as a couple.


Consider A Wedding Emergency Fund

It never hurts to have a bit of extra money tucked away, but this is especially important now that pricing is increasing across every industry due to rising costs. Set aside a portion of your budget for unexpected expenses so that if you do face a price increase or have to pivot planning, you are prepared. If you don’t end up having any unexpected costs, put the money towards your honeymoon, house fund, or any other fun activity with your new spouse. It’s a win-win!

Hire A Professional

No matter the year, we recommend hiring a professional wedding planner. Whether you want someone to help with all of the moving parts in the months leading up to your wedding or you just need help to make sure everything on the day of your wedding runs smoothly, you will thank yourself for it later. Weddings are hard work and letting an outside party in to help manage things takes the pressure off of you and your loved ones so your only focus is enjoying your special day.

Embrace Flexibility

An unavoidable fact of life and weddings — some things are simply out of your control. Things may not play out exactly as you always imagined whether that’s the weather, booking your dream venue, or the day of the week your wedding falls on, but keep in mind that the things that don’t go according to plan can sometimes be the biggest blessings (and your favorite part of your day!) when looking back. 

Consider the Wedding Bands

You didn’t think we would forget to mention the most important thing, did you? Call us bias, but when all is said and done, your wedding bands will be one of the only things from your wedding day you will always have. While it’s certainly not the first thing you need to check off your to-do list, it’s an important (and fun!) decision. We recommend to start looking at wedding bands at least 6 months before your big day and placing your order at least 3 months beforehand. Stop by one of our locations or book a wedding band appointment to find your dream ring. We’ll be here to pop some champagne, figure out sizing, and help you style the perfect stack. While you are at it, check out our 2022 Wedding Band Guide to help you ease into the search.

No matter where you are in the wedding planning process, take a deep breath and remember that everything will all come together in the end. Each step is a piece of your love story you’ll look back on for years to come. Enjoy each moment and don’t forget to celebrate the little wins along the way!