2022 Wedding Band Guide

We love nothing more than helping you pick out the ring of your dreams and one of the questions that we hear time and time again is, “what are the current trends when it comes to wedding bands?”. While we always suggest you follow your heart and go for the ring that jumps out to you, there are certainly styles that we see people gravitating towards more and more.


Whether you are in the midst of shopping for wedding bands, an anniversary band, celebrating a personal milestone, or simply hoping to add to your stack, we are here to share the trends that are on our radar for 2022. 


It used to be that brides stuck to a traditional approach and would pick out wedding bands that matched perfectly with their engagement ring, but we are seeing more couples mix things up with metal colors, textures, and design to create interesting and dynamic stacks. The only rule now is... there are no rules!


The Cuff 

If you are someone who loves a low-maintenance look, an engagement ring with a low profile will likely be the perfect fit for you. The low basket style allows for the ring to lay close to the finger which is great for people with active lifestyles. If you have a low profile engagement ring that sits close to your finger, you may want to consider a cuff style wedding band. The cuff style allows for the band to fit perfectly around the engagement ring making for a seamless set. If you are less traditional, consider pairing a cuff with straight across bands in lieu of an engagement ring. The stacking possibilities are endless. 

Shop the Style: Claw Cuff Ring, Roxanna Cuff Diamond Ring, and Blossom Cuff Diamond Ring


Bold Clusters

Our cluster style wedding bands are a favorite for a reason — there’s been a noticeable uptick in vintage inspired rings with a modern twist. The cluster style provides a more organic look a vintage ring would provide with equal focus on glittering gold and shining stones. When deciding on a wedding band you will wear for years to come, we recommend considering a band that can stand alone if you choose not to wear your engagement ring every day. If you are someone who will take your ring off for work or travel, a cluster style band provides a stand-alone style with just the right amount of shine. 

Shop the Style: Arched Baguette Cluster, Round Cluster Ring, Pear Cluster Diamond Ring, and Petite Cluster Diamond Ring


Totally Textured

You can go so far with a textured band. Hardly limiting, a textured band provides the perfect base for stacking styles for years to come. You will have the freedom to add on additional style bands for milestones down the road such as anniversaries, birthdays, children, or personal achievements for a truly dynamic stack.

Shop the Style: Hammered Chase Band, Briar Ring, Double Seed Ring, and Vega Band


Dark Side

White diamonds are hardly the only option these days. Gemstones and colored diamonds have only continued to increase in popularity in the past few years, and we all have a favorite here at Consider — the black diamond. There is no better fit for the edgier bride. Whether you have a sparkling white diamond or you went with a more alternative style engagement ring, the black diamond provides eye-catching style for any stack.

Shop the Style: Small Twinkle Band, Black 2 Diamond Cuff Ring, and Large Pea Pod Ring



Engagement rings can often steal the spotlight, but the wedding band should never be overlooked. Depending on your unique lifestyle, you might even end up wearing your wedding ring longer or more often than you wear your engagement ring. No matter what style you choose, remember to consider your lifestyle, activity level, fit, and style when making your choice. It is a piece of jewelry that will be with you forever and while we are happy to share the trends and styles we see pop-up, the most important thing is to choose a band that feels like the perfect fit for you.


Unsure of where to start? Book an appointment or swing by on of our storefronts to see our band options in person. Our Bridal Specialists are here to assist you in discovering your dream ring. If you are not local to the area, we also offer virtual appointments to see all of the bands you have your eyes on. Remember, we recommend ordering your wedding band three months before the big day. No matter what, we are here to help you find a ring as special as your love story.