2022 Engagement Ring Trends

A New Year means we are clearing the way for new trends, and we are here to share all of the best engagement ring trends you'll love for 2022!


While it may seem counterintuitive to consider the latest trends when selecting a piece of jewelry that you will want to wear forever, the reality is that your engagement ring should fit your personal style whatever that may be. While some people love something a little more classic, others might want something that feels more of the moment and that is perfectly okay! So do not be afraid to go bold with a two-stone ring, a gemstone stunner, or something with a little more vintage flair while finding your perfect ring.



While we predict the romantic “Toi et Moi” style to be popular for 2022, it has actually been around for hundreds of years. The style first gained popularity in 1796 when Napoleon Bonaparte married Josephine de Beauharnais. This two-stone style has been heating back up for the past few years, and we foresee it only continuing to rise in style throughout this year. Toi et Moi (french for you and me) rings have two stones that represent two people coming together as one, and well, what’s more romantic than that?


Multi-Stone Rings

Two stone rings are not the only ones having a major moment right now! We have been seeing a definite increase in three-stone settings as of late. Three-stone settings are another symbolic ring choice with each stone representing past, present, and future and are the perfect way to convey your love story.


We love creating a multi-stone ring to help tell your individual story! We recently had a custom project for a five-store ring featuring heirloom diamonds that was to die for. If you can have more than one diamond (who doesn’t love more diamonds?!), and use heirloom stones with personal meaning, we say go for it!


Colored Gemstones

You know we love a classic diamond, but we can’t deny the popularity of boldly colored gemstones this year. Whether shopping our Alternative Collection or designing a custom project, we see more and more brides are opting for non-traditional center stones to represent their unique love stories. Our favorite gemstone of the moment? The emerald. Not only is it beautiful, but emeralds are also a durable stone making them perfect for engagement rings. The gem is also said to symbolize true love. Swoon! 


Hidden Halo

If you love the idea of a halo setting, but want something a little more subtle, the hidden halo is perfect for you. A tiny band of diamonds sit under the stone giving your center stone a slight boost and a bit of unexpected shine. We don’t see anything not to love about the look! 



Did you know that any size or shape diamond can be placed into any of our Signature Collection settings? We like to think of our Signature Collection as a starting point — something to get your mind dreaming up what the perfect ring looks like to you. If you like one setting but don't love the shape of the diamond shown, we are happy to place whatever shape you are loving into that setting.


With that said, we are seeing so many brides opting for an oval shaped center stone in their chosen settings. Oval stones are not only timeless, but they are also super flattering! The cut of the stone can actually make the stone appear bigger and the stones tend to have an elongating effect on your fingers. It is no surprise that this style is eternally popular!


No matter what you choose, timeless or on-trend, we encourage you to follow your heart and choose a style that speaks to you! Your engagement ring is a forever piece, and we are here to help you find (or design!) the ring you will be excited to wear and pass down for generations to come. 


If you are just starting to discover your preferred styles, consider browsing our Signature Collection to get a feel for your favorite designs. If you are looking for something less traditional, take a look at our Alternative Bridal Collection. It’s filled with distinct designs and bold colored gemstones for the unique bride. If you know exactly what you want and you just can’t find it, let us know what you have dreamed up! We are more than happy to work with you on designing a stunning custom piece


If you feel unsure of where to start, book an appointment with our Bridal Specialist! We can walk you through the whole process, stone options, and design possibilities. Whatever you dream up, we can make it happen!