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All Fine Jewelry

Get something timeless, something that will last your whole life and perhaps live on in your family. Our collection of fine jewelry is designed to outlast trends and match any occasion. Go simple, go elegant, or just go with something that feels right. Timeless jewelry for your timeless sense of beauty & style, pick up your heirloom today.

Twist Ring


Aster Cluster Band

From $1,025

Pepper Band

From $1,279

5mm Flat Band

From $936

6mm Flat Band

From $1,073

Seed Lariat


6mm Half-Round Band

From $1,056

4mm Flat Band

From $745

Seed Stud Earring


Emma White Diamond Chevron Band

From $1,175

7mm Half-Round Band

From $1,268

2mm Flat Band

From $430

3mm Flat Band

From $590