Why Watches

Consider the Wldflwrs has always been a company committed to providing heirloom-quality, highly personal accessories, and we believe that watches are no exception. They do more than tell time. They tell a story. And at a glance they can remind you, if only for a few seconds, to be present and enjoy the moment.

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New Arrival

Weiss 38mm Automatic Issue Field Watch

New Arrival

Unimatic U2-B



Inspired by the heritage brands that had been around for decades, Martenero began in 2014 with the goal to create a new take on tradition. "Original and contemporary, but always timeless. Tradition refreshed."



Unimatic was founded in 2015 by industrial designers Giovanni Moro and Simone Nunziatom with a focus on creating military-inspired dive watches that showcase a sleek, minimalist aesthetic.


Weiss Watch Co.

Cameron Weiss launched Weiss Watch Co. in 2013 with the goal of restoring prestige to American watchmaking, assembling each piece by hand at his studio in Los Angeles, CA.