ctwf cleaning kit

Here at CTWF we work with a variety of metals. Check out the information below to learn more about your CTWF piece and how to care for it. 

Gold-Fill:  Gold fill is made from pure gold that has been ‘filled’ with other alloys. Unlike plating, it will not flake. The surface of gold fill has the same properties of solid gold because it is gold. Care for this little guy just as you would a gold piece of jewelry. Gently polish by hand with a clean cloth or use our CTWF cleaning kit.

Gold-Plated: We have a limited number of plated pieces available at CTWF. Gold plated pieces are made of brass, silver or another base metal and plated in solid gold. They will last a long time but can chip or wear overtime if they are in contact with water, chlorine or other harsh chemicals. 

Silver: We have a decent number of sterling silver and fine silver pieces. Silver can last a long time if treated with care. The more silver is worn, the shinier it stays! If your silver has been unworn and it starting to tarnish, do not fret. This metal is easy to clean with a gentle cloth or cleaner. You can also use our CTWF cleaning kit on any of your silver pieces.

Bronze/Brass: We have a few pieces made with handcrafted bronze pendants! These pieces can be cared for with a treated cloth or our CTWF cleaning kit. We suggest using a treated cloth to return bronze to a shiny state.

10K Gold: This metal is pure gold and will not tarnish or change. It can be polished with a simple cloth or our CTWF cleaning kit.