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Why We Gather

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Why We Gather

Humans are social creatures. We crave intimacy, community and understanding from others. Quality time is a love language, and everyone desires the feeling of love that is felt in those precious moments of communion with people who are important to them. This is one of the reasons why Consider the Wldflwrs hosts workshops, pop-up events, and parties.

Workshops allow us to gather with people who want to learn something new and want to use their imagination and own two hands to create something beautiful. Whether we're working with delicate flowers or metal, we find that teaching others new skills usually inspires more creative pursuits inside and outside of the walls of our studio. That spark, that moment of "I made something, and it is beautiful," that instance of creativity shining through, keeps the world we live in full of possibilities and wonder.

Pop-up events allow us to gather with other small businesses and creators who inspire us with their unique perspectives. Building up the small business community brings us joy; there are so many amazing makers out there that we think are on to something great, and we want to pursue any opportunity we have to partner with them and help them share their craft with others.

Of course, a party is always a fabulous way to gather with friends and meet new people. Our customers and friends make us who we are today. Every purchase, every photo shared, and every kind note humbles us. We love to clink glasses with our loved ones when there is something exciting to celebrate, even if the exciting thing is just making it to another week where there will be new opportunities to follow our dreams. We love to share meals with our friends and swap stories for hours. When our time is spent soaking in the thankfulness we have for the blessings of the present, and spent feeling hopeful for the possibilities in the future, we can't help but want to share those feelings with others.

We gather to get to know each other a little better. We gather so we can create together. We gather so we can inspire, support, and encourage each other. This is why we gather, and this is why we hope you will gather with us this year as we host events designed to bring folks together in the name of community.
Image from  Local Milk of a Kinfolk Gathering we had the pleasure of being a part of in 2014.


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