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Because sometimes summer is all things sunshine & adventure.
And sometimes it's just business as usual & looking forward to that weekend bbq.

real talk / summer

It's funny how after twentyish years of summers spent sleeping in, staying up late, kayaking, picking daisies, sleepovers, pool parties & sand castles, suddenly the real world hits like a ton of bricks when you're living it out from behind your cubicle. There's no sand. No palm trees. No suntans. Just sticky notes and a sweater because the office is basically a refrigerator.

Summer is no longer an ambiguous season of why-nots & stopping off at the next exit to see the world's largest ball of yarn. It's just perpetual motion - wake up, chug coffee, sit in traffic, work hard, sit in traffic, dinner with friends, read a book, go to sleep, repeat.

So summer promptly becomes synonymous with envy & discontentment. But maybe summer just requires more planning these days. Maybe it's ok that summer has shapeshifted from a mermaid to a bank teller. And maybe the adventure can still be found right there in your rolly chair.

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