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A Note from CTWF Founder + CEO - Emily Eggebrecht

Every morning as I am getting ready, I revel in the silence. It's not because the rest of the world, the rest of the morning and the whole afternoon mean noise. Mostly I just haven't had time to think yet. I haven't had time to worry, to analyze anything or budget or make charts, answer questions or ask them. I never read my emails before this moment of my day.

These quiet, morning moments make me feel like a child. I just woke up from a dream, that I often remember, and now is my time to act. Opportunities are endless, I say to myself as I grip my hair with a curler. I definitely need to rearrange the storefront today, I say as I swipe my mascara and recall my dream about Christmas traffic (in October!). But often in these moments, as I mentally prep for my day, pray for my leadership and challenge myself to brainstorm new ideas - I forget to be thankful. I forget how thankful I am for the people who have influenced my company and who carry it today.

Recently I was out of the country on my honeymoon and my team worked overtime to fulfill wholesale orders, take care of my sick puppy and respond to each and every customer that emailed or came into our storefront. They didn't complain ONE PEEP. Not one negative comment when I returned. Not one feeling of doubt. In fact, it took a couple of weeks before I heard about the bumps in the road while I was away. They just laughed them off.

How much respect I have for them. That they are willing and able to stay late to work, to ask their husbands to lend a hand with packaging and to sweep and mop the entire 1,500 square foot studio so that our puppy would stop eating dust balls and getting sick. They are AMAZING. That's why I am striving to reach a moment of silence at night also. Just one moment of silence to revel in thankfulness - for my team, my job, my husband and the gifts that God gives us. I am truly undeserving of all that He continually pours out.

Photo by Danny Owens

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