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If you live in Nashville, you've probably heard of McKel Hill of Nutrition Stripped. She's got the best nutrition blog and wellness community we know of. McKel is launching Nutrition Stripped Society - and we heavily encourage you to join the waitlist. This will be such an incredible tool for people trying to get in the habit of better eating. There are three different levels of the society if you'd like to join, which you can read about here.

So you might be wondering why we are featuring a nutritionist on the blog? Well.... we want you to be taken care of! We think that leading a healthy life is crucial to waking up every morning and feeling like the WLDFLWR you truly are! Whether it's the work/life balance that you struggle with or the desire to be doing something that you are not doing... we want to encourage you and be here for you. This is YOUR story. This is your time and you need to own that. We want to share tools (and jewels) with you that will help you succeed. 

Because this is YOUR story and we want you to succeed we wanted to tell you about our friend McKel's jewelry choices (you might love them too). McKel is an active and very busy business owner, nutritionist, friend, girlfriend, daughter and coach. McKel has chosen our Sapphire Eye necklace as her favorite everyday wear. This 14K gold necklace can make it through anything - blood, sweat, tears, laughter - you name it. It is truly a forever piece and we are so happy that McKel chooses to wear it. McKel also frequently rocks our stackers including the bare gold stacker and bare rose stacker. If you are looking for that fun customizable one - McKel has also loved our sunshower bracelet - which we can always stamp with a little letter for ya!

We love it all! Great choices McKel <3 Thanks for being our featured WLDFLWR this week.

P.S. We've teamed up with Mckel & Karen, of Poppy & Monroe, for the Treat Yourself Right Giveaway. You could win $750 to CTWF and more! Enter now. 

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