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Nightstands are tricky business - very small real estate that should be well-styled and functional.
They can get cluttered so easily with books and lamps and jewelry and picture frames and knick knacks,
but if we can help it, we'd prefer to keep them super simple and super pretty -
all with the help of ring cones and dishes and swoon-worthy candles.

Ranger Station Candle / Small Pop Co. Ring Cone / Rosanna Fancy Another? Ring Dish

Plenty of space for a cup of coffee by morning and a book or journal by night.
We love ring dishes for corralling necklaces, earrings and beyond -
think pocket change or last weekend's movie ticket.

As for light, a large lamp on a nightstand can take too much of that precious real estate.
To keep the nightstand minimal, we opted for a Ranger Station candle for a little light and
a lot of ambiance and a directional floor lamp that still allows for reading in bed. 

And ring cones are just adorable. The perfect home away from home for your favorite rings
with some variety in height to keep the entire vignette interesting to the eye. These cones by local
Nashville maker Small Pop Co. are a fun explosion of pattern and color. Bonus - they're made
from clay and resin so they're almost impossible to break, which is perfect
for blindly swatting at your alarm clock in the dark.

What's on your nightstand? Got any styling tips for us? Share them below!

Cement nightstand & gold floor lamp sourced by  Savannah Grace Metcalf of Grace-Made.

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