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If spring cleaning doesn't sound like much fun to you, start with your jewelry to get it as sparkling as the first time you wore it. Everyday routines, like applying perfume, lotion or makeup, eating a greasy burger or sweating on the treadmill, affect the shine of your jewelry, so don't be surprised if you look at that milgrain detailing on your favorite gold ring and notice some serious gunk or if your sterling silver dot studs have just lost their luster.

Here are some tips for how to clean your collection gently and thoroughly using our jewelry cleaning kit. Remember - do not clean your jewelry over a drain or sink. It's best to clear a spot at a table and take a few minutes to focus on the task to avoid losing precious items. 

For pendants, earrings and rings, pour some jewelry cleaning solution onto a gentle cleaning cloth (we love the treated cleaning cloths included in our jewelry cleaning kit) to rub your jewelry vigorously! If you are cleaning it right, you should be able to see the grime coming off onto the cloth, which is the best part, so use that elbow grease. 

To clean diamonds, it's as simple as Dawn dish soap and a soft toothbrush! Let the piece sit in a bowl of lukewarm water with a few drops of soap. Then gently scrub the stone and surrounding metal. Be sure to get the underside of the diamond to clean all those facets and bring back the shine.  You can also use a bling brushWhile you're at it, we recommend getting your prongs checked once a year to maintain safety and long-term wear! 

Keep in mind, it's best to get your diamond band or ring professionally cleaned once a year as well. Anyone who has purchased a diamond ring from us, can stop by our flagship and receive complimentary cleaning any time. 

To clean necklace chains, we strongly recommend that you soak your chains in jewelry cleaning solution, like the bottle included in our kit, or get them professionally cleaned at a jewelry shop. If you want to soak them, make sure that you gently rub them with the polishing cloth after. Be careful not to pull on them too tight.

That's all there is to it! Remember - 

Check back throughout the spring for more jewelry cleaning tips pertaining to specific metals.

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