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Summer was made for friendship jewelry. In middle school, a best friend of mine gave me a leather corded necklace with a broken heart charm dangling on it. Mine said 'ST END' and hers said 'BE FRI,' which made up 'BEST FRIEND' when the two pieces were put together - in case you're still trying to figure that out. I still have it to this day. 

These 14k gold-filled and silk bracelets by Kasia Jewelry are my favorite grown-up version of this tradition. Especially the salla bracelet because it reminds me of a song we sang in Girl Scouts when I was about 7 years old - 

Make new friends,
but keep the old.
One is silver,
& the other's gold.

Rings are round,
they have no end.
That's how long,
I want to be your friend.

Corny, yes. But so sweet and permanently stuck in my brain. Sure, girl scouts and middle school were prime time for friendship bracelets and earrings and rings. We gave them at the beginning of summer to say 'I won't forget about you' and at the end of summer to prove we didn't while away at camp or out on the family road trip.

But just because the charms got a bit more sophisticated with age doesn't mean they lose their meaning. It's never too late or too childish to give a bracelet to a friend (& keep one for yourself) to say 'Even though we're miles apart, you're with me always' or 'Even though months can go by without us catching up, when we do it's like you never left' or just to claim them once and for all as the 'BE FRI' to your 'ST END.'

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