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Consider This - How to Make a Moodboard

For those of us who spend our time organizing quotes and images on our Pinterest boards, consider this old-school way of bringing a collection of your favorite visuals to one place We present: the mood board. There's just something about the texture and physical act of creating a real-life mood board that even Pinterest can't beat. Plus, they're easy to make and transform over time and fun to display in your studio, workspace or home, making mood boards the perfect Sunday afternoon DIY.

Items You'll Need
A bulletin board of any size, pins, scissors, clippings / photos / artwork, etc. (more on that below), spray paint (optional), your imagination (essential)

How to Start
If you'd like to spray paint your bulletin board like we've done with ours, head outside and evenly coat your board in the desired color of paint. We love white for a clean, neutral palette, but choose whatever color will best suit your style for many mood boards to come. 

What to Include
While the board is drying, start gathering the materials you'd like to include. Think of a color that is inspiring you right now and a few other colors to complement it to create a palette. This will keep your mood board looking cohesive even if the images are pulled from many different sources. One of our favorite ways to incorporate color on our boards is through paint chips from the hardware store or swatches of fabric.

Next gather the images that you're currently loving. Whether they're cut from a publication you love, printed out from your favorite blog or your own personal snapshots, these images will start to bring your mood board to life. 

Finally include any words or phrases that make you happy. It is important to us to have little empowering reminders on our mood board so that we feel encouraged whenever we look at it. You can cut out letters from the newspaper, type something up in your favorite font and print it out or handwire a quote that's dear to your heart.

Some other unique items to consider pinning to your board are dried flowers, old Polaroids, tissue paper, recycled wrapping paper, letters from loved ones, postcards, stickers watercolor art, your own sketches, etc. Truth is, anything that you love and can pin onto a bulletin board can be included. Sticking to your color paletter is key to making all the pieces work together. 

How to Arrange
Once you have all your materials, you can begin to assemble everything on the board. A good way to begin arranging is to start in the top left corner and work your way out from there while maintaining a loose grid. Try to keep the different design elements at work balanced by avoiding a cluster of any one particular element - unless you're looking to make a statement, i.e. a pop of color. The variety and mix-and-match will make the board dynamic as it draws your eye to every area of visual creativity. This can be done like so - 

Consider This - How to Make a Moodboard

Happy pinning!

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