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This   past   May   we   hosted  a  workshop   at   Anthropologie   full   of   fresh   flowers,  pastel macaroons, plump  blackberries,  and  a  group  of  beautiful  women.  When  hosting  a  workshop, there are numerous  preparation  details   that   can   often   be   looked   over.  We   thought   we   would   share   some   of  our  thoughts  on  how  to  successfully  address  all  of  the   small   details   in   hosting  a  workshop,   party,   dinner,   or  small  get-together. 


Basic Needs

First and foremost, basic needs must be met. A clean space, something to munch on, and amenities such as a bathroom and mirror are must-haves in hosting. It sounds simple and obvious, but once you get that under your belt, you are well on your way to hosting a wonderful event.

Things to consider-
+ A space big enough for the event
+ Snacks & drinks
+ Access to bathroom, sink & mirror
+ Clean-up supplies

Ease + Comfort

We suggest thinking beforehand about the ease and comfort of your guests. We did this through a clear path to the bar cart of easy-to-eat snacks, plenty of seating, and enough elbow room for assembling arrangements. When guests are comfortable, they can relax release any stress they carried in with them.
Things to consider-
+ Seating
+ Easy access to supplies, snacks, drinks, photobooth, etc.
+ Space set aside to simply relax before & after a meal (optional)

Aesthetic Design

Because we work with fashion, design and style, we find the visual aesthetic important to address as well. Preparing everything ahead of time and spending the extra dollars on gorgeous snacks, polka dot straws and chilled bubbly ensures that our guests can settle in, feel truly and beautifully served, and find ease in entering into meaningful conversations and forming new relationships. 
Things to consider-
+ Theme
+ Color Scheme
+ Overall feel (clean & simple vs. artsy & decorated)
+ Little corners where you can hide beauty
We  would  love  to  hear  about  your  hosting  experiences  and  any  thoughts  you  have  on  which  little  details matter  in  planning   an   event.  What   worked    for   you,   and   what   did   not?   Share   your   comments   below!
{photo credit: Mikaela Hamilton}

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