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Morgan Williamson, the creative mind behind Handmade Studio TN, is a wonderful ceramist and happens to be our studio mate at CTWF. From the moment Morgan and Emily met 2 years ago, they have been encouraging each other to pursue their creativity like no one else. CTWF and Handmade Studio TN share a studio space in Germantown. We find it easy to write stories and collaborate with a brand and friend that we often create with.
The half-dipped ring bowl is a studio favorite among the CTWF team and has been traveling to pop-ups with us as a display bowl for our rings. Well-used around our studio and displays, we knew that we had to share this ring bowl with you all. 
When we asked Morgan how her work tells a story or joins in on one already being written, she said, "Our work is all about bringing beauty, purpose and form to the world.  This, by no means, is a new story!  We are joining in with the story of creation in each vessel that is formed.  Hand-building with clay brings a unique admiration for the Creator and His ability to make beautiful things out of dust.  Each piece is a functional object that has been created with great care and attention to detail.  Our desire is to put thoughtful, beautiful, imperfect vessels into the world that will add a natural beauty to each day and be a meaningful part of people’s lives. One thing we love most is cultivating community, which we think is one of life’s greatest joys and gifts!  This can happen around a table filled with handmade plates and a delicious meal or through linking arms with others who are devoted to creating and sharing beautiful things.  That’s why we’re thrilled to collaborate with Wldflwr.Ink in their first collection of products." 

"Wldflwr.Ink Batch 01 is a collection of lifestyle products from wildly beautiful brands and people we have discovered. Brands that we admire. Brands that, like CTWF, are encouraging thirsty hearts. Wldflwr.Ink Batch 01 is collection of 5 pieces. They are products of our ability to come together and create. To let our ink flow together to tell a story bigger than ourselves." 

Shop Wldflwr.Ink Batch 01 here.
See more of Morgan's designs here.
Photography by: Mikaela Hamilton

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