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Lauren has been a friend of Consider the Wldflwrs for a while now. We first partnered with her when we co-hosted an open house last summer. Her joy and passion for branding and telling other people’s stories is infectious, and she’s also insanely talented. 
When we asked Lauren about her role as a storyteller, she said, "Story fuels everything in my world. Brand design lets me create experiences and tell stories by loving people through their passions and encouraging their dreams. I get to be a full time advocate for other people’s stories, using thoughtful visuals as a way to tell the world. 

Each brand I develop is an authentic representation of a unique vision. When a brand is purpose driven, it evokes an emotional response in it’s target audience. The only way to do that is by asking deep, digging questions. If I do my job well (wink), each brand becomes a celebration of that person’s story."
We couldn't think of a better person to design a Consider the Wldflwrs print featuring the verse from which our name derived. Lauren, quite literally, shared her ink with us, adding beauty, style, and eye-catching design to the stories collected in Wldflwr.Ink Batch 01. 
"Wldflwr.Ink Batch 01 is a collection of lifestyle products from wildly beautiful brands and people we have discovered. Brands that we admire. Brands that, like CTWF, are encouraging thirsty hearts. Wldflwr.Ink Batch 01 is collection of 5 pieces. They are products of our ability to come together and create. To let our ink flow together to tell a story bigger than ourselves." 

Shop Wldflwr.Ink Batch 01 here.
See more of Lauren's work here.
Photography by: Mikaela Hamilton

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