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Our friends down the hall from our studio space in Germantown are incredible curators of all things knitting. Karen, the owner of Fringe Supply Co., cares deeply about the quality and aesthetic of her brand and her blog, Fringe Association. That is why we were initially drawn to Karen's leather stitch marker set. Fine quality and simplicity coexist here at Wldflwr.Ink.
When Karen first began knitting, she had difficulty finding all of the supplies she wanted. Naturally, she turned to designing them for herself. Big bags, accessories, and pouches proved to be multifunctional, which led to a growing audience for Fringe Supply Co. The little pouch you see in Batch 01 was originally designed by Karen to hold stitch markers, which are place markers that resemble rings and help along the stitching journey. 
The multifunctionality of this pouch alone is astounding. We envisioned it as a ring pouch for travel, and so our stories collided. Wldflwr.Ink is about just this - colliding stories, combining ink, and creating something entirely new. 
"Wldflwr.Ink Batch 01 is a collection of lifestyle products from wildly beautiful brands and people we have discovered. Brands that we admire. Brands that, like CTWF, are encouraging thirsty hearts. Wldflwr.Ink Batch 01 is a collection of 5 pieces. They are products of our ability to come together and create. To let our ink flow together to tell a story bigger than ourselves." 

Shop Wldflwr.Ink Batch 01 here.
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Photography by: Mikaela Hamilton

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