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We heard about Kenny of Winding Wheel Supply Co. through a mutual friend who visited his studio in Salt Lake City, Utah and were immediately drawn to his fine leather craftsmanship. Kenny is incredibly talented at his craft, precise in his work, and attentive to detail. We had this crazy idea for a necklace book, and he was willing to listen, brainstorm, and work to help design it beautifully.
Concerned about creating a product that lasts throughout generations, Kenny's mantra as a craftsman is to lead a quiet life and work with his hands. This mantra, extracted from 1 Thessalonians 4:11, was a guiding tool by which early Christians entered into work. Kenny believes that in carrying on this tradition, he is joining in the story of centuries of craftspeople who have gone before. He's not building something new, rather, rediscovering old traditions.
 In trying to find a way to provide for his family, settle down, and lead a simple life after years as a touring musician, Kenny quickly realized that running a business is far from simple. However, Kenny's calling to lead a quiet life and work with his hands has propelled him into a movement of creating products of value and shifting the cultural consumerism mindset. 
We are honored that Kenny has chosen to partner with us in Batch 01. Purchase this leather Traveling Necklace Book, handcrafted in Salt Lake City, UT here.
"Wldflwr.Ink Batch 01 is a collection of lifestyle products from wildly beautiful brands and people we have discovered. Brands that we admire. Brands that, like CTWF, are encouraging thirsty hearts. Wldflwr.Ink Batch 01 is a collection of 5 pieces. They are products of our ability to come together and create. To let our ink flow together to tell a story bigger than ourselves."
Shop Wldflwr.Ink Batch 01 here.
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Photography by: Mikaela Hamilton

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