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One of the questions we receive the most at CTWF is “How am I suppose to stack? How does it work? Where do I begin?” Well, we have heard your cry for help and have designed a little guide for you to take into consideration when building your CTWF stacking collection.
There are a few things to consider when designing your stacks, such as metal color, texture, and aesthetic, and, like a wildflower arrangement, some rings will be fillers while others will be the statement.
Your three options for color are silver, yellow, and rose gold. Stack your hue of choice, or mix the metals creatively! Silver is ready for adventure. She’s got a naturally cool shade, and she’s ready to wear through thick and thin! Whether you're cliff jumping in Bali or hiking through the Rockies, she’ll stay bright and constant. Yellow Gold is a classic gal. She’s the best friend to your glass of Pinot and the perfect compliment to your gorgeous bridesmaid dress. No matter the season, yellow will warm you up. Rose Gold is our extroverted artsy type. She’s got a naturally fiery shade and is quite the risk taker. She doesn’t mind being alone because no matter what she’ll be the one standing out. You really can’t go wrong with any of these metallic hues.
When looking at texture, we have a few options that will give your set the variance is needs to keep things visually interesting. Our Hammered, Bare, and Twist Stackers all provide something original. The hammered texture offers a natural texture that can’t be beat. Each is unique and hand hammered. The bare texture is smooth and clean. This minimal look allows you to add to your stack by the dozens without adding too much texture. The twisted stackers are the perfect separators and stack additions. Their thin design allows you to wear 7 on one finger. You can never have enough of these little guys.
If you’re a first time shopper or just a little hesitant to stack boldly, stacking with filler rings is a great place to begin. Try this out for a little while until you’ve warmed up to it, and then take statement rings into consideration. If you’re gung ho for stacking, you may as well dive into the deep end with these rings – The Basic Nugget Stacker is a simple addition to your stack. This piece fits perfectly in the middle of 5 bare stackers. Thin and light. The Big Dot is bold and fun for the perfect night out. The Mary for Madewell is sweet and shiny for your daytime activities. The Moon Ring is mysterious and alluring, the perfect addition to your growing #CTWFstacks. And finally, the Stump Cuff Ring is bold yet minimal, allowing you to pair statement pieces on one finger with your stack on the other.
Above all else, retain your personal style in stacking. The most important part about accessorizing through #CTWFstacks is that your bare beauty is simply highlighted and not covered up or masked. Allow the flexibility of stacking to be a unique way for you to express yourself each day with fresh insight and renewed energy.

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