Consider the Local Flwrs: Humble Flowers Farm

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"Food nourishes the body, beauty nourishes the soul"
Humble Flowers is a small, women-owned-and-operated flower farm, located in beautiful Bells Bend, just outside of Nashville. This past Thursday we had the opportunity to join them on their day of harvesting and arranging their flowers. Katie, Tyler and Kari are the growers behind humble flowers farm. Their passion for environmentally conscious flower farming is contagious, and the stories that have formed through taking part in CSA programs, weddings, and styling other special events are too beautiful not to share. These photos are just one way we have committed to penning their story and joining together to discover wild beauty and encourage thirsty hearts. The beauty for which these women care and tend, from seedlings to towering blooms, nourishes our souls here at CTWF, and we encourage you to reach out to them with friendly words or partnership dreams. Let us commit to writing new stories that will bloom into great and unthinkable fields of beauty. 
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