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"Wildflowers seemingly embody adventure, freedom and beauty. They grow where they please, bringing life to each place that they spring up from while painting the landscape in beautiful hues." -Saralyn Weitzman, "Darling" 


Everything under heaven has been given a name. From vague expressions like "living thing," to "flower," to "wildflower," to "dandelion," we narrow the spectrum to describe the exact thing we are pointing at. So often, we live in these mere, vague expressions of description without getting down to the name, the story, the individual. We even solicit ourselves as being merely ___ (blank), common, plain. We believe this delusive suggestion that we are average and live AS IF WE ARE. 

Here is the good news: we HAVE been given a name. And similarly, we have been given a story and unique passions that either separate or parallel our stories to others. No man on earth shares the same DNA as another. No snowflake shares an exact design with another. No wildflower has the exact composition as another. 

I love hearing stories and getting to know people past their given name. Under every name, there is a beautiful story. People, I have found, are just as wild and thirsty and wildflowers. Some people have learned how to nurture their life and grow into and out of seasons, constantly changing and thriving, all the while. As wildflowers survive seasons and constantly sway between seasons of thirsting from drought and drowning from constant rainfall, we too face seasons. We plant, weed, water, feed, and grow naturally just as the wildflowers do. We have been and are constantly provided with supplies to fulfill these needs. 

It is important that as we nurture ourselves and strive towards the sun, we tend to others as well, helping them grow. considerthewldflwrs inspiration is to encourage this realization for others and to revive hearts that have forgotten how it feels to be WILD + THIRSTY. 

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