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And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was greater than the risk it took to bloom -Anais Nin

So often we wait to call somewhere home until it feels comfortable. Until we are comfortable. Until every moment of every day has been one of comfort, community, and familiarity. We delight in holding tight to memories and places and friends. We travel to familiar places and take "risks" in decisions knowing the ease of the outcome either way. One day we realize the limits and we expand. We explore. We dive into deep water not knowing whether it will be icy cold or luke warm before jumping. We laugh and cry all in one day. Emotions run wild and life is full of energy. Home might be a word worth reevaluating. What if you could be home wherever you went. As a stranger walks by wearing an all too ragged shirt to have a home. What if their definition of home is different than yours? When they open a conversation, what would it be like to engage in their life - inquiring all the while whether they might have another understanding of the word home. Maybe a sense of peace is simply enough for one to be "home" and that sense of peace comes from a very different place than between four walls and a roof. 

Start small:

Spruce up your life with a new color. Recognize the color. Paint a wall. Get a bright coffee mug.

Be welcome to change. Be relational.  As you leave your home each morning recognize newness and don't shy away from a conversation with a stranger.

Ask your acquaintance about their passions and what sparks their adventurous side. Turn that acquaintance into a friend. 

Find joy. You have it in you. Share it with the person next to you. Share it with anyone.  

Carry your home, your comfort, your joy, your true self with you. At all times. 

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