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Most of us want to explore, to dream, to create, to find adventure. As we wake up each morning with fresh wonder we admit, in the same instance, our deepest fears. Failure is most often among those fears. A skewed definition of achievement hinders us from acting on this glowing curiosity for the unknown. Our carefree summer spirit might pass, but sometimes they can carry us through fall into winter, and season by season we rekindle an adventurous flame sparked by summer.

Last summer I experienced this fascination with discovery and desire for unknown beauty. Adventure was no longer a dust bunny under my desk, but rather a crackling fire. I wanted to start something new, something wild. I wanted rivers of living water to be flowing from creativity in my hands although I didn't quite know how. I just started. I starting making jewelry on the little desk that I had left for the dust bunnies. I started writing and desired to encourage people. I wanted to give back. As Homer so beautifully writes, "Yet, taught by time, my heart has learned to glow for other's good, and melt at other's woe." WLDFLWR.INK was born on a rainy afternoon of doodling pictures of wildflowers. 

Towards the end of summer I shot a video with Grace Alexandra Taylor in the historic area of Lieper's Fork, Tennessee. We wanted to capture a glimpse of the start of WLDFLWR.INK and give an ode to adventure, taking risks, and just doing. Since these late summer nights of dreaming and adventure WLDFLWR.INK has blossomed. Designs created around the time of this video have come to fruition and considerthewldflwrs now has a studio in Fort Houston in Nashville, TN. Considerthewldflwrs came from of spirit of discovering WILD beauty + encouraging THIRSTY hearts. 

Video: Grace Alexandra Taylor

Music: Michael Dinsmore

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