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We are from the shore.

From the warm sand, the prickled skin, the squinted eyes, the safe, the comfortable. We stand on fear and anxiety. We let possibilities run rampant and we allow the idea of control to keep us at bay. We want to safeguard, to plan, to know what is in front of us. Understanding, faith by sight; this is what we desire. But then we are tempted, inspired, by the magnificence of the blue, by the rolling of the currents, by the sparkles in the foam. We are lured closer by the creeping, dancing waves, and we stare forward, hearts beating, fists clenched. We don’t know what is ahead of us. It is big, larger than anything we know. We grasp onto our fears and our thoughts, and in this moment we are not still, we are not welcoming, we are not courageous. But the roaring sound loosens our grip. We gaze out, mystified and frightened, in utter awe. There we step. There we find our courage. Forward, into the great deep. We move from the shore to a washing over, an emersion, a place of peace and creativity. The moment we enter in is the moment that we release control. We find ourselves in a vast, uncontainable body that holds endless possibilities. 

We set out to create, to make beautiful things, and forget that our white-fisted grip keeps our creation from fully becoming what it is able to be. We can build the structure, we can stay on the sand and let the sun warm our skin, but without a step into the unknown, without a belief in something deeper, greater, more creative than our abilities the art becomes dry, shallow, and purposeless. The sea, so mysterious, calls us to come closer, to step in, to leave the seemingly comfortable for the mysteriously beautiful. It draws us into a possibility of wonder, of mystery, of grace. It is our choice to respond – it all begins with an action. The lure of the waves only goes so far, and then it is our turn to make the step. To move from the shore into the rolling, mighty waves. Into the unknown, into the beautiful, ever-giving water, and there we find freedom in our new self. We find joy in the strength we have found in the deep water. Our Father holds our hand while we explore the depths of his heart and experience diving into His presence. In the depths of the beautiful water we share where we came from, we are From the Shore.

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