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As a twenty-something young woman who has recently moved away from simple, southern comfort to the raging sea of New York City, I am more aware of this than ever: Humans are needy beings. It is evident from our first moments on this earth when our infant lungs cry out for intimacy, love and attention from our mothers and fathers.

As we grow and get older, though, these innate needs remain the same but our circumstances change, we change. We grow too big for our parents arms, too big to believe that a kiss on our bruised knee is enough to heal us, but still we are desperate for love, desperate to be noticed. Often, we begin to ask the world to notice us, to define us. We take on styles to be attractive, attitudes that to create intriguing personalities or beliefs that allow us to belong to a certain people group. A problem with this is, though, these things can change. Styles become last season, what was intriguing then is dull now, and beliefs, believe me, can brighten and darken through life's seasons.

It is important for us to know that our desire to be loved, to be beautiful is not shallow or evil. In fact, we were created from love, through a desire for relationship, and we are destined to be beautiful through our heavenly breed. Our need for these things can be met and fulfilled. But it demands from us a willingness to step away from the tame standards of attraction and infatuation the world falsely offers as whole and a willingness to step into the wild, fiery and complete love we were forged in.

May we not be crippled by our need to be loved and noticed. Rather, may our need push us into community and relationships that encourage and enflame our wild beauty.  

Written by: Elizabeth Mansfield

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