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There are times when, for a moment, the spinning world slows down just enough for us to find this thought crawling across our minds: This is all too much. 

We can find ourselves burdened with the realization that we are in a world not of our making or choosing. We can find all that surrounds us seems shrouded in muddy darkness. Questions bubble to the tip of our souls: What purpose can this possibly have? When does this stop being difficult? Will I ever be truly known or loved? Trust me when I tell you, you are not alone in this. These thoughts and feelings are woven through the thread of every being. They are perspectives, though. They are simply aspects of the life we are living, changeable and renewable. 

You see, we have been planted here on this earth. We have not simply been pressed down into chaotic darkness, but chosen, placed, given life and space to become and push upward. We have been planted at this time, in this moment, in the hope that we may grow through and beyond it. Because we can. Because we will. 

So, how? How can we bloom in times when we feel buried too deep? We start by voicing those bubbling questions to trusted someones. And when voicing those questions, we dig our fingers deep into those conversations, creating roots in an earthly community. This allows us to not let doubts and fears be welcome in hollow spaces within us. Rather, it creates hallow ground where our thoughts can be watered by revelations that come in the form of the person beside us responding with “me too” or “I’ve wondered the same thing.” Most importantly, we bloom by resting in the truth that we are seedlings who do not hold a promise to be overcome by this world, but a promise to bear good fruit in it. Fruit that takes time, sometime seasons, to blossom or ripen. Fruit that comes in many shapes and sizes, from learning to channel intimidation into inspiration to gaining the ability to call where you are planted home. And we can trust this promise the way we trust the sun to rise up each morning to light a new day, to carry on life. 

So, let us ask, seek, dig and rest. Let us bloom where we are planted

Written by: Elizabeth Mansfield

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