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Often we get succulents + cacti without knowing how to repot them. Whether you're giving a gift to a friend or giving these tiny plants a more permanent home, these tips will help make it easy.


  • A variation of different cacti and succulents
  • Soil (we used Fertilome Cactus Soil)
  • Pots or any other container with a drainage hole
  • Gloves or a thick hand-towel
  • A spoon (optional)
  • Spray bottle of water (for weekly spritzing)


Clear a space in your kitchen or dining room that you don't mind getting a little messy. We used a kitchen counter and set the soil, pots, and plants out with the other materials close by. 


Carefully remove plants from original pots. Save the cacti for last. Break up the soil that is firmly packed around it, but make sure that the roots stay in tact with the plant. Set the plants aside in their new pot. Lastly, use a thick gardening glove and some newspaper (the cacti needles will poke through most gloves) or a thick hand towel to remove it from the pot and break up the soil. 


Open your bag of cacti soil and use your spoon to scoop it out and fill the pots with the prepared plants. Put some under, around, and on top of the roots. We found it very helpful to use the back of the spoon to pack it in tightly (the soil is very light, which doesn't stabilize the taller plants well). 


Clean up your workspace and the outside of the new pots. As much as you want to, do not water your newly plants cacti and succulents. These plants originated in the desert, so they only need to be spritzed with your spray bottle about once a week. A few times a year you should flood the plant, but make sure the water escapes out of the drainage hole.

Celebrate your newly potted plants. Place these little guys out of direct sunlight, and enjoy the new corners of nature in your home or apartment. 

Local Nashville gardening stores. Photography by Hadley Sintic.
Written by: Callie 

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