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Consider Luxury Piercing FAQ

Interested in getting pierced with Consider Luxury Piercing, but have a few questions?  We have the answers to all of your burning questions and some great piercing inspiration:


When do you offer piercing?

Come visit our East Nashville storefront on the fourth Tuesday of every month from 12-7pm. Make sure to pre-book your piercing online - appointments book up fast!


Do you pierce with a needle or gun?

We only pierce with a needle because it’s more accurate and a safer practice.


What’s the best way to start an ear stack?

The creativity is totally up to you because the options are endless! Our Ear Stack Starter Pack is a great way to start your stack. The 2mm Diamond Prong Stud, 6 Petal Flower Stud in citrine, Stick Stud, and Tiny Dot Stud make the perfect, sparkly and eclectic mix to begin your stacking story. Stack up one ear or divide amongst two ears. We are loving the mismatched look and this starter pack is our go-to for that instantly collected look. 


When can I pick out my earrings?

All piercing jewelry can be picked out and purchased when you arrive at the store the day of your piercing. All of our piercing earrings are solid 14k yellow gold, white gold or rose gold. All jewelry is sold separately from the piercing. 


What are your most requested earrings for piercing?

We get lots of requests for the Hammered Disc Stud which gives a little texture to your ear party. Available in 14k yellow gold, white gold and rose gold, this is the perfect way to achieve a mixed-metal look too. She pairs nicely with the Trinity Diamond Stud because you’ve got your sparkle and texture all on one ear!


Can we pierce with hoops?

We create new piercings with studs only. For healing purposes, studs are the safest method. But, we can always change your piercings to hoops later. 


How can I incorporate the Double Birthstone Chain Earring into my ear stack?

Our latest double stud and chain earring is available with garnet, sapphire, pink tourmaline and nine other birthstones. We could pierce two lobe holes or use a cartilage piercing. Sold as singles, these are our new favorites for multiple piercings! A bit of edge and a hint of color.


Can I bring my own earrings?

For safety reasons, we only pierce with earrings purchased in store at the time of piercing.  


What kind of earring backs do you have?

Standard butterfly backs come with each of our stud earrings. Threadless earrings with flat backs are also available at our piercing parties. Flat backs are sold separately from threadless earrings.


How much does a piercing cost?

Piercing begins at $35 for a single lobe piercing. Prices vary based on piercing selected. Each piercing is sold individually and all piercing jewelry is sold separately from the piercing.


If I book one piercing online, can I add on another piercing when I’m there?

We can absolutely help curate your ear stack and guide your placement. We are also happy to add on additional piercings in store after you’ve booked your initial appointment slot.


Is caring for my new piercing difficult?

Not at all! Here are our quick do’s and don'ts. 

DO: Rinse and dry your piercing with a sterile saline wound wash 

DON’TS: Don’t spin it, bop it, twist it, or pull it! Don’t use Qtips to clean your piercing as the  cotton can get stuck. Don’t use Rubbing alcohol or any ear cleaning solution. 

Our favorite piece of advice: Leave your piercing alone!


How will I know when my piercing has healed?

The short answer: you won’t. Your piercing may feel and look healed but the tissue heals from the outside in. Give it time. Lobe piercings heal in roughly 4 months, but tragus heal time is a year.


Can I get pierced if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

For safety reasons, we can not pierce anyone breastfeeding or pregnant. That doesn’t mean you can’t still be a cool mom - pick out a new piece of jewelry and treat yourself.


How old do I have to be to get pierced?

Guests age 13+ can be pierced by Consider Luxury Piercing. Ages 13-17 must have parental supervision, the piercing signed off by a guardian and provide a birth certificate that matches the guardian who is with them. Guests age 18+ will be asked to show their drivers license upon arrival.