Meet Shelby: Consider the Wldflwrs Storefront Manager

Shelby, our Storefront Manager at Consider the Wldflwrs, is a constant source of energy, creativity, and style. Originally from Michigan, Shelby came to us with a background in customer service, making her a true boss at handling all of the things and managing all of the people. She has unique taste in jewelry and amazing nails, but there is, of course, much more to know about her. We asked Shelby to answer some questions for us so that you can get to know her better, and we just know her answers will leave you feeling energized and inspired! 


CTWF: You have an amazing jewelry collection! Give us the stories behind some of your pieces and tell us about your favorites. 

Shelby: I love bold jewelry. Specifically with rings, my typical styled stack has both masculine and feminine tones. (AKA, men’s bands are not just for the fellas!) The more yellow gold and diamonds the better, but mixed metals are also a part of my stack and story. I started with white gold in my engagement and wedding rings, and have added 14k yellow gold pieces over time. The subtle hues of 14k gold make mixing metals easy and elegant.


I have added two rings to my bridal stack - one for my second anniversary and one for my birthday. I also have a heart shaped signet ring and a dome ring that I stack on my right pinky. I call them my “godmother” rings. They remind me to call my family and friends. I love looking at my hand throughout the day and being reminded of the community I have across state lines. I really love adding to my stacks for any reason at all. My advice would be not to wait on adding to your stack. There’s always something to celebrate. Throw “tradition” out of it’s stopping you! Investing in fine jewelry is always meaningful. 



My Consider “Must-Haves” are the Small Auk, which is part of my bridal stack, and the Midnight Band. (Fun Fact: My index and thumb fingers can fit the same size ring, which gives me more options for styling my daily stack!) The Gates Band is definitely on my wish list and I’m dying to show off the Medium Chubby Hollow Hoop Earrings once they launch!


CTWF: What are some of your hobbies?

Shelby: I love going to local concerts and stand-up comedy with my husband. This is, in part, the reason we moved to Nashville. There is always a show somewhere. The city encourages us to be more spontaneous! I also love wandering around antique shops (especially on rainy days!), dinner parties with rich conversation and red wine, and getting my nails done at my favorite local nail salon. 


CTWF: We need to know more about your nails. Natural? Colors you go for? How long have you had long nails? 

Shelby: They’re my natural nails. I’ve always been able to grow them, but my longest nails really began in 2019. Ever since I started using a specific hard gel that is electrically filed off, I’ve been able to achieve the perfect almond shape and length. My preferred colors are black or bright pink. There’s rarely anything in between! 


CTWF: What do you do to relax?

Shelby: I make my coffee every morning with an Aeropress. I love the whole process, and it truly makes the perfect cup every time, which is always a win for starting the day! I also like to get in my car, turn up a playlist I curated myself, and drive. In Nashville, we get the city and the mountains. It’s the perfect terrain for a long drive to process, think, and dream.


CTWF: Tell us about a staple wardrobe piece that makes you feel golden.

Shelby: A statement shoe always gets the double take! My metallic Nikes with a blazer = instant cool. A close competitor is the perfect oversized button down. I have at least 8 in my closet that are on constant rotation. It’s always such an effortless, chic look. When it comes to jewelry, I’ve become a big pinky ring fan.The pinky often gets overlooked, but she is prime real estate for fine jewelry.


CTWF: What’s your favorite thing about your job?

Shelby: Our storefront is such a vibin’ space. The lo-fi jazz and emerald green accents, the popping of champagne for clients, the celebrating of different milestones. I really look forward to opening and closing the store each day with our team. In the “in-between”, I love getting to know the individual style of each of our clients and then finding the ring that makes all of the stars align for them. There’s a lot of emphasis on saying “yes” to the dress, but what about the ring(s)? It’s such a meaningful “yes”, and one that I’m honored to be a part of. 


Come visit our flagship location in East Nashville to say hi to Shelby and experience that “vibin’ space” she described and loves so much. We think you will love it, too! And if you missed our interview with Annie, our Director of Bridal Sales, check it out here