Meet Brianna: Consider the Wldflwrs Jewelry Sales Specialist

Brianna, our Jewelry Sales Specialist at Consider the Wldflwrs, is determined, generous, and someone you can always count on. Originally from Connecticut, Brianna has been in Nashville for 10 years and knows all of the best spots around town. You can find her at our East Nashville storefront helping customers find their dream rings or walking around her neighborhood with her adorable long-haired dachshunds, Jake and Tucker. We asked Brianna to answer a few questions so you can get to know her better. We know you’ll love her as much as we do!


CTWF: Your husband lives in Scotland right now! Tell us about how you guys met. 

Yes! Funny story, Paul and I actually met on Hinge! I changed my location to Glasgow one night for fun and the rest is history! Due to Covid travel restrictions, we weren’t able to meet face-to-face for the first 10 months of dating, but last November, I flew out to Scotland to meet him. We had spent countless hours and virtual date nights on Facetime at that point, but the moment we locked eyes that day at the airport confirmed what I had been suspecting — he was going to be my forever person. He will be moving to Nashville right after the holidays, and we are so excited to finally be able to live like a normal couple and explore this wonderful city together!


CTWF: We’ve heard you’re a bit of a cook. What’s your go-to recipe?

I’m a big soup gal so you’ll always find me trying new and different soup recipes year-round! I’m pretty much obsessed with anything from Half Baked Harvest. My current favorite is her Slow Cooker Hearty Chicken Soup. I really love the use of all the different veggies and herbs in this recipe. It’s super cozy and delicious - perfect for this time of year! 


CTWF: What do you do to unwind?

Cooking dinner really relaxes me. I love lighting a bunch of candles, putting on some tunes or an audiobook (currently listening to Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown!), and enjoying a glass of wine while I cook. 


CTWF: What’s your favorite Consider piece? Anything that you have your eye on? 

My favorite piece I own has to be my wedding band, the Roxanna Diamond Band. Coming in a close second is my Three Birthstone Stacker. We used diamonds from another ring that my mom gave me so it’s a really sentimental piece for me. I don’t get to see her often, but wearing that ring makes me feel closer to her. 


Paul and I eloped, so we did things a little differently in terms of the engagement ring. I’ve seen so many amazing engagement rings come so I feel like I’ve changed my mind a million times on what setting I’m vibing with the most. Right now, I’ve got my eye on the Ziza with either an emerald cut or elongated cushion cut! 


Besides an engagement ring, I’d really like to add the Classic Namesake Signet (engraved with an M for my new last name, MacArthur, of course!) for my pinky to my everyday jewelry line up.


CTWF: Any fun plans for the holidays?

I’m traveling back to Connecticut to spend Christmas with my family. It’s my favorite time of the year so I’m really looking forward to it! Paul will be flying in from Scotland, so aside from all of the normal holiday festivities, we are planning to go into NYC one of the days. It’s always been one of my favorite cities especially around Christmas time, and I can’t wait to show him around.


CTWF: What makes you feel golden?

I love embracing life’s little moments — being around those closest to me, a fresh haircut, or a great fitting pair of jeans are all things I turn to when I little pick-me-up.


CTWF: What’s your favorite thing about your job?

So many things! From my co-workers to our customers - I love being a part of this company! It’s truly amazing coming to work everyday with happy people who love where they work. 


As far as the work goes, I love being a part of our customers’ love stories through their jewelry. Bringing those stories to life and helping them find just the right thing is really meaningful for me. I have always been passionate about and drawn to jewelry. If you look in my phone, you will see hundreds of screenshots and saved pictures of rings from over the years. So I really feel like I’ve ended up where I was always meant to be.