Meet Annie: Consider the Wldflwrs Director of Bridal Sales

Annie, our Director of Bridal Sales at Consider the Wldflwrs, embodies a spirit of genuine excitement about life and love. After starting as a stylist at our East Nashville flagship, Annie quickly fell in love with the creativity and storytelling of creating jewelry with customers whether it’s adding to their stack or helping them pick out a piece that connects with their story. Working for a small business, Annie has worn a lot of hats over the years, but her favorite role by far has been working with customers and watching their creativity come to life in a piece of jewelry that they will have forever. 


We asked Annie some personal questions to help you get to know her... and because we know you’ll love her.


CTWF: Tell us about your bridal stack. What's the story behind your engagement ring and why did you choose the band you chose?!

ANNIE: Ok first things first, the ring was completely designed by Carter, I was not involved at all which was so interesting to me considering how many girls are involved in the process of their ring so… kudos to him! My ring is very sentimental to me because the baguettes and rounds are actually from a cocktail ring that was my grandmothers. Growing up, I always wore it and told my mom I just wanted it to be my engagement ring. She ended up giving it to Carter and he turned it into something “more my vibe” plus a center stone.


Fun Fact: Carter reached out to Consider the Wldflwrs right before I was offered an interview for a stylist position at the company so he got so nervous I would see the email that he sent during my training, so he quickly ghosted and went to another local jeweler for fear of being found out. His sisters were a big help to him throughout the process!


Shortly after starting at CTWF Carter proposed and I was able to have fun trying on bands in the store for months before deciding on what band I wanted to commit to. It took me forever (3 months!!) to decide that I liked the Domino Marquise the best but wanted a smaller version so our team adjusted the Domino Marquise for a slightly smaller version which is now called the Petite Domino Marquise. Also, I’m DYING to add the Large Auk to my stack - maybe a late 1 year anniversary present. (*hint hint, Carter)


 CTWF: What are some of your hobbies?

ANNIE: Some of my hobbies include going for runs, hanging with our boxer pup (Barley!) and of course my cat Mr. Cuddles - who are becoming best buds. Carter and I love exploring new cities and new breweries.. I like to kind of call us beer snobs (ha!) We both enjoy drinking coffee on our porch, cooking and gardening. I also love spending time with my family! I am one of 4 and we are all located here in Tennessee which makes family time even better.


CTWF: Ok favorite travel moment or brewery?

ANNIE: My favorite travel moment recently was paddle boarding on the colorado river through Austin, TX. It was a beautiful day and we love being outdoors. I do have a few favorite local breweries. One being Jackalope Ranch and the other being Bearded Iris!


CTWF: What do you do to relax?

I like to just sit in silence and soak in the day on my way home from work. I decompress in silence! I love bubble baths, walks through our neighborhood with a glass of wine (with these amazing wine glasses) or scroll pinterest with no agenda. 


CTWF: What’s something you own that makes you feel golden?

ANNIE: I have a few staple things that I own and love. Top of the list would be my golden goose slides - they are denim and have cheetah print with super funky yellow laces. They are limited edition so… extra special. For jewelry, I also have a family heirloom marquise diamond ring that I wear on my right hand that is absolutely stunning. 


CTWF: Tell us more. Whose ring was it?

ANNIE: It was a gift from my grandpa to my mom for one of her birthdays and was made from a local jeweler in St. Louis where she is from. 


CTWF: And she gave it to you?

ANNIE: Haha! More like I raided her jewelry box. No, I am kidding. She gave it to me in my early 20’s just for fun.. She knew I had always been drawn to it.


CTWF: What’s your favorite thing about your job?

ANNIE: Wow, so many things. Honestly, every day is so unique with the questions and what people want and dream up. I am learning something new every day and seeing beautiful diamonds and diamond rings finished. It’s always so different and feels creative. My absolute favorite thing is seeing people’s faces when they pick up their engagement ring. It’s always so emotional and I almost cry every time. It’s so romantic. I love it. That’s my favorite part… seeing it all come to life.


CTWF: Last question, because you are the ultimate best friend… how many weddings have you been in?

ANNIE: Ha! I have been in three weddings so far! My fourth is in October.