Exploring the Differences Between Earth Mined and Lab Grown Diamonds

The time has come! You are engagement ring shopping and the question arises, “Would you like an earth mined diamond or a lab grown diamond?”

You might be thinking what is the difference between an earth mined diamond and a lab grown diamond? Are lab grown diamonds “fake” stones? Will I be able to tell the difference between a lab grown diamond and an earth mined diamond? Our immediate answers are no and no! But we understand it all feels a little overwhelming right now, don’t fear! We are here to break down all of their differences — how they’re made, how they are grown, and more. We think you can’t go wrong with either, but we hope that this guide will help you understand our love and appreciation for allll the diamonds.


lab grown vs earth mined engagement ring difference


What is an earth mined diamond? What is a lab grown diamond?

Both lab grown and earth mined diamonds have the same carbon arrangement and molecular composition, but they differ in the way they are formed. Lab grown diamonds are created in a laboratory and take about a month to produce for most sizes. On the other hand, earth mined diamonds are formed naturally in the earth over millions of years.


What is the biggest difference between earth mined and lab grown diamonds?

Price! Earth mined diamonds are more rare and the price reflects that. If your budget and dream ring aren’t quite lining up, a lab grown diamond can be a great way to bridge the gap.

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Is it accurate to refer to lab grown diamonds as 'synthetic' diamonds?

Technically, yes. A synthetic diamond is a stone that is chemically created to imitate a natural diamond. However, it's important to note that lab grown diamonds are still real diamonds. They have the same molecular composition and carbon arrangement as natural diamonds. Diamond simulants, on the other hand, are diamond imitations like Cubic Zirconia and Moissanite.


How are lab grown diamonds grown in a lab?

Mimicking Mother Nature's process, the lab starts with a thin slab of diamond and uses carbon and a plasma reactor that emits over 10,000 degrees of heat. Voila! With this high pressure and high-temperature technique the molecules begin to grow. A unique and rough diamond emerges that is anatomically identical to an earth mined diamond.


Are there any drawbacks to lab grown diamonds? 

Due to being relatively new to the market, lab grown diamonds' long-term financial value is hard to predict. If you are buying an engagement ring that you plan to love and wear for forever, this might not be a big consideration for you.


How are lab grown diamonds evaluated?

Like any other diamond! Optically they are exactly the same - both graded on the same Four C’s scale: Clarity, cut, color, and carat. In short, unless someone asks you: “Is that a lab grown or Earth mined diamond?” the difference is indistinguishable.


What shapes of lab grown diamonds do you offer?

Almost any shape you can dream up. Custom cut, marquise, pear, round, emerald, oval - the diamond options are endless!


Are lab grown diamonds available in all colors?

Currently, lab grown diamonds are grown in the white color scale. Our most popular color offerings are D to J, but we are happy to offer any color of your choosing. When it comes to clarity, we are typically working with SI (slightly included) and better.


Are there any differences in the quality or durability of earth mined and lab grown diamonds?

No, both lab grown and natural diamonds have the same quality and durability. They share the same molecular composition and carbon arrangement, making them one of the hardest minerals on earth. Regardless of their origin, lab grown and natural diamonds can be considered heirloom quality.


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What factors should be considered when choosing between earth mined and lab grown diamonds?

Personal preference plays a significant role in this decision. Consider your budget, as lab grown diamonds can be more cost-effective. Additionally, think about the specific characteristics you value within the 4C's of a diamond (carat weight, cut, color, and clarity). Ultimately, the choice between earth mined and lab grown diamonds depends on your priorities and how you envision this investment.

It's worth noting that both earth mined and lab grown diamonds can be considered ethically sourced options, so ethical reasons alone may not be the deciding factor.


Diamonds are a symbol of love and beauty, and whether you choose an earth mined or lab grown diamond, both options offer stunning choices. The decision ultimately comes down to what matters most to you as an individual or couple.

We hope this article has shed some light on the differences between these two types of diamonds. If you have any other questions about lab grown vs. Earth mined diamonds DM us on Instagram or reach out to us at hello@considerthewldflwrs.com. We love hearing from you.


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