2022 Jewelry Trends

A fresh new year is upon us, which obviously has us looking forward to the fresh new jewelry trends it will naturally bring with it! Our first order of business this year is to pass along the hottest jewelry trends of 2022 (that’s what friends do, right?!) and we think you’ll have the best time slipping them into your looks throughout the year…we know we will!


Colorful Ear Stacks - Whether you rock gemstones or enamel, color is in and will be bursting all over this Spring season. Mixing hints of color into an asymmetrical ear stack alongside diamonds and gold is key. May we suggest checking out the Birthstone Sprinkle Stud, Double Birthstone Chain Earring, and 6 Petal Flower Stud Earring

Colombian Green Emeralds - These incredible gemstones hold history in their color and hue. With emperors and pharaohs taking special interest in them throughout the ages, emeralds are some of the most revered and royal gemstones in the world. Fast forward to the non-stop hustle of today and it’s no wonder that the emerald has become so popular…science has proven that the color green relieves stress! The Forget-Me-Not Emerald Bezel Ring, the Lunaria Square Emerald Ring, and the Lunaria Rectangle Emerald Ring all have Colombian green emerald center stones. Slide any one of them onto your finger and watch that stress from the past year melt away! ;)


White Gold Bridal Jewelry - In recent years, yellow gold bridal jewelry has been the most popular for our customer base here in the south, but lately we’ve seen a rise in brides going back to white gold and platinum. White gold and platinum stand the test of time no matter the generation. To change it up, some clients like to stick with white gold in their stack and then incorporate yellow gold bands here and there when they feel like mixing it up. That’s the beauty of being able to stack rings - you don’t have to wear them the same way all the time! 


Chain Earrings - You don’t need to be going out for a night on the town or attending a fancy event to dress up your ear stack (but that’s always fun too, of course!). Elevate your everyday look with the Chateaux Chain Sparkle Stud or the Double Birthstone Chain Earring. You will effortlessly look the part in 2022.


Pre-owned watches - If you’re a Millennial/GenZ or even just paying attention this year, you’ll start to notice beautiful watches on many a wrist. Cartier and Rolex are just a few big names out there, but more and more are popping up all the time. Every Netflix/docuseries is bursting with hidden gems on stars’ wrists and giving opportunities to online retailers like The Real Real, 1st Dibs, and Bob’s Watches to sell luxury and pre-owned watches. @dimepiece.co is an account we are loving for all things “watch obsessions”!


Zapping - Those pre-owned watches will add the perfect extra touch to your “zap stack”, which is one of our favorite trends of 2022! Zapping is the process of custom fitting a gold chain to your wrist with no clasp and refers to the “flash” you see when you get it welded to your wrist. The whole process only takes minutes and you will have a low maintenance, everyday classic piece on you at all times. Who doesn’t need a little less hassle in the midst of our busy lives? Zapping is the answer - and, even better, the options are endless for stacking! The zapping trend is truly changing the game in everyday wear and we are all about it. We even now hold zapping parties at our new 12 South location! Stop by and check one out this year!


We can already tell that 2022 will be golden with this beauty of a list. Consider how you might incorporate one of these trends into your style over the next year and tag us when you do! Happy New Year from all of us at CTWF and here’s to a sparkling year ahead. xoxo