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Late Winter Favorites

We still have a month left of winter, but, at least in Nashville, it seems as though it's wrapping up a little early and jolting into spring. In the meantime, we have some favorite late-winter pieces that are worth a little feature. And, lucky for you, they're all styles that will translate seamlessly into spring.

slvr tube necklace / bare stacker / polished cuff / opal stacker / small circle studs / simple circle necklace / wldflwr bar necklace / twist stacker


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The Girl with the Simple Circle Necklace

This is the girl with the simple circle necklace. She's loyal and strong and the best Scrabble player there is. Her house is streamlined and clean, and so is her purse. Everything is in its place, ready at a moment's notice. She follows recipes word for word from a book, not a phone, and loves baking pastries the best.

She's a decision maker. Thoughts don't linger in her mind for long before she's completed the proper task and moved on to the next. She keeps a daily alarm set for morning stretches and almost always complies. When she's done with work for the day, she's done with work for the day. But otherwise her focus is fierce and unwavering, unless she's hungry. Then she might need a slice of pizza - spinach and mozzarella with a side of anchovies. She's the girl with the simple circle necklace.

The Girl with the Simple Circle

Girl / Freshens Up / Savors / Simple Circle Necklace / Dreams / Chills

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Color Study / Gray

Color Study / Gray

The skies, the trees, the fields. You don't have to search long for gray in the winter. But it's soothing isn't it? Nothing harsh. No black. No white. Just gray - soothing, calm, mysterious gray.

Sources 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

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Winter Playlist

CTWF - Winter Playlist

January seems to sneak up suddenly with the rush of the holidays, no? Almost so suddenly that the thought of resolutions is but a distant memory left in the dust of Christmas past.

But winter is upon us indeed, and with it a new year beckoning us on towards hope and beginnings afresh - even when we feel like losers for not scheduling attainable resolutions in our color-coded calendars. Instead let these songs and the melting of snow remind you that Christ has made you white as snow ready to burst forth like spring in the fullness of his love. 

Painting by David Ostrowski

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